The Hill

Name The Hill
Other Features
Date Installed
Description The Hill lighthouse is situated in the Donkin reserve almost in the city centre of Port Elizabeth and it was lit for the first time on 1st June 1861. Behind the naming of the city of Port Elizabeth is a tragic tale of lost love and the tribute to it. Port Elizabeth was founded in 1820 by Sir Rufane Donkin, the then acting Governor who named the city after his wife who died in India two years earlier at a young age of 28.
There was much controversy over the site for this lighthouse. The Harbour Board favoured the site on the Hill while the Harbour master wanted it on the Port Offices. Eventually a decision was made by his Excellency Sir George Grey to have it on the Hill.
As time went by and the city grew the lighthouse did not fulfil the needs of the shipping to Port Elizabeth. With buildings being erected behind the lighthouse, the equipment had to be continually replaced to increase the candlepower as it was no longer visible from the sea and so the light was discontinued on the night of 31 October 1973.
The light was replaced by Deal Light near the mouth of the Papenkuils River.

Light Type
Light Character
Light Range 0 sea miles
Light Power CD
Height of focal Plane 0 metres above high water