Name Swakopmund
Structure 28 metres cylindrical masonry tower painted with red and white bands
Other Features
Date Installed 1903 (unconfirmed)
Description Situated in the oasis on the edge of the desert stands Swakopmund lighthouse in the Town of Swakopmund in Namibia. This lighthouse was only a third of its present height and was extended as the town expanded as it was not visible to passing maritime traffic. The original light was replaced by an acetylene gas twin mantle changeover system in 1924. A new lantern house and a rotating light were installed during 1982 and a stainless steel weather vane and cock was erected during March 1983
The light was converted to electric mains during 1980. This increased intensity of the light from 21 000 candelas to 57 800 candelas and now has a range of 18 nautical miles. The cost of the original installation is estimated at R43 585, this figure from material printed in 1991.

Light Type Sealed beam revolving bea
Light Character 2 flashes every 10 seconds
Light Range 18 sea miles
Light Power 57 800 CD
Height of focal Plane 35 metres above high water

Position 22 40 32 South, 14 31 29 East