Name Slangkop
Structure 33 square metre circular iron tower painted white
Other Features
Date Installed 4 March 1919
Description Slangkop is the tallest cast-iron tower on the South African coast. Standing 33 metres high, the tower looks out over the surfers, fisherman and divers in the little village of Kommetjie. Over the years it has served its purpose steering ships around the dangerous rocks and hidden reefs
Slangkop was established as a result of a commission appointed on 29 September 1906 by His Excellency, the Honourable Sir Francis Hely Hutchinson, Governor of the Cape of Good Hope.
The height of the focal plane is 41 metres above sea level and the light has a range of 33 sea miles and has four flashes every 30 seconds. The lighthouse is now fully automatic and receives its electricity supply from Cape Town Municipality and has a standby diesel alternator in event of a break in the mains supply.
The light was built at a cost of 14 358- 9-1 Sterling.

Light Type Revolving electric
Light Character Four flashes every 30 seconds
Light Range 33 sea miles
Light Power 5 000 000 CD
Height of focal Plane 41 metres above high water

Position 34 08 54.59 South, 18 19 11.89 East