Name Milnerton
Structure 21 Metres cylindrical concrete tower painted white
Other Features Mains supply with one standby diesel alternator set
Date Installed 10 March 1960
Description This lighthouse is situated in the suburb of Milnerton on the West Coast on the way to Cape Columbine. It stands guard over one of the most famous views in South Africa with the panorama of Table Mountain and Table Bay in the foreground. This small stretch of coastline from Green Point to Milnerton has wrecked more ships than any other coastline in South Africa. Over 150 ships have met their demise in the last few centuries. With the Urban development, a lot of land has been reclaimed changing the coastline and sadly the remains of the wrecks, along with their heritage, lie buried in tonnes of earth and concrete
Its construction is similar to that of Cape Hangklip, and has a revolving electric optic producing 800 000 candela.
The cost of the original installation is estimated at R38 200. This figure from material printed in 1991.

Light Type Revolving electric (unatt
Light Character 3 flashes every 20 seconds
Light Range 25 sea miles
Light Power 800 000 CD
Height of focal Plane 28 metres above high water

Position 33 52 53.47 South, 18 29 18.52 East