Cape Vidal

Name Cape Vidal
Structure Twenty three metre round concrete tower painted yellow
Other Features Radio beacon with call sign ZP
The power plant consists of triple mutual diesel/alternator sets
Date Installed 8 July 1985
Description Situated in the Cape Vidal Forestry Reserve several kilometres north of the Umfolosi River on the Natal north coast is the unique Cape St Vidal lighthouse. What makes this lighthouse so unique to any other in Southern Africa is its distinctive and magnificent yellow-orange colour. The reason for this is to guarantee that the tower is highly visible against the dark green background of the forestry reserve.
The twenty metre high reinforced concrete tower was designed by the South African Transport Service's chief civil engineer and was constructed by WJM Construction (Zululand) (Pty) Ltd. in 1985. The total costs to erect the lighthouse which includes the structure itself, lantern house, optic, radio beacon, radio beacon mast, engine room, quarters, property and fencing was R401 789.20.
Some say that the Cape Vidal lighthouse watches over the ill-fated ship 'Dorothea' that ran ashore on the coast of Cape Vidal in 1898. On her departure from Durban, rumours started to circulate that she was carrying some 120 000 ounces of illicit Transvaal gold smuggled on board by a Johannesburg syndicate. On the strength of this, various salvage teams have attempted to find the wreck and the gold, but to date although quite a few expeditions have been carried out; no gold has ever been reported to be found. But the question must be asked as to why such great men would take such great risks if the wreck were completely worthless!

Light Type Revolving sealed beam
Light Character One flash every ten seconds
Light Range 25 sea miles
Light Power 690 000 CD
Height of focal Plane 64 metres above high water

Position 28 08 51.976 South, 32 33 10.7665 East