Cape Hangklip

Name Cape Hangklip
Structure Circular concrete tower
Other Features
Date Installed 25 November 1960
Description Although it is now an unmanned lighthouse, it is set on the picturesque coast about 1 and 1/2 hour drive from Cape Town. The tower stands 22 metres high and is made of reinforced concrete. The main tower is similar to that of Milnerton lighthouse, which was constructed by means of the moving form shuttering principle. It was completed in 5 - 6 days in November 1960. The optic is a revolving electric type producing an 800 000 candela white flash every 10 seconds, which can be seen from 25 sea miles. Triple mutual diesel alternator sets produce the power.
The lighthouse used to be monitored from Cape Point, but in July of 1986 a new telemetry system was installed and the light is now monitored from Greenpoint and later moved back to being monitored from Cape Point. The cost of the original installation was R55 484.00. There is a cracker little self catering hotel situated about 4 km with rates the cost of two hamburgers for the night!
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Light Type Revolving electric
Light Character One flash every 10 seconds
Light Range 25 sea miles
Light Power 800 000 CD
Height of focal Plane 34 metres above high water

Position 34 23 11.4 South, 18 49 42.3 East